Questions on the new 422 RANs


-How do the new RANs (8136 and 8138) differ from the old RANs
 (8130/8134/8136)?  In other words, what are the implications of having
 RS/232 vs RS/422 RANs?
-Since the new RANs are RS/232 vs RS/422, does that change
 cable selections?  (I've not seen any new cables announced.)
-Can you mix the different RANs on a single controller?
-Will cable 8135 ( 64-port to 128-port pinout converter) work with
 the new RANS?  Why?

After checking into the issue, here are the conditions to the new
422 RANs.
What works:
1) You can put 422 RANs and 232 RANs in the same chain on the
same adapter.
2) You can run them remotely through DSU modems.
3) You can attach them to MCA, ISA, or PCI 128port adapters.
What does not work:
1) you can NOT attach an async dialin/dialout modem to the 422 RAN as
it does not have a carrier detect line.
2) printers will not give any control info back to the 6000 for the
same reason as number 1 (therefore queue status like DEV_BUSY and
such do not work because they get their info from the control signals)
3) You must have 4.3 OS level to use them.

I am not familiar with the 64port to 128port convertor.  If it is
a device which goes into a port on a RAN which then allows the customer
to attach a cable that used to work in a 16port concentrator
(64port adapter) then it will NOT work on a 422 RAN.
The pin out of a 422 RAN is totaly differant then a 232 RAN and
the converter won't work.
At this time I can find no pin out for the port on a 422 RAN but
it will most likely come with the RAN itself or be found in the
next release of AIX Asynchronous Communications Guide for 4.3

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