Service Director log file growing large

Env:    3.2.5

Desc:   The customer has not registered Service Director but has
        run /usr/lpp/servdir/servdir.timer in the cron tab.  There
        is a log file /usr/lpp/servdir/servdir.ce.log which is filling
        up the /usr file system and the customer can't stop its growth.

Action: We removed the file servdir.ce.log.  This did not work,
        the file was recreated and continued to grow.

        ps -ef | grep servdir shows nothing running.  The customer
        has taken the Service Director line out of the cron tab and
        restarted cron and this has not worked.  We cannot run Service
        Director through smit because it is not registered.

        I ran servdir.timer (which was run in the customer's cron tab)
        on a test machine and this did not run any other processes.  
        All it did was display a message on the screen and then quit.  
        I viewed the file servdir.timer and it runs a file called 
        servdir.analyze which runs two processes, itself and 
        /usr/lpp/servdir/ibm.psa.  I was able to kill both of these.  
        During this test no file called servdir.ce.log was created.

        I talked with the developer who suggested that the customer
        remove the product from the system.

        Since I am unable to recreate the problem, the best thing to
        do would be to run the /usr/lpp/servdir/servdir.remove script
        after a system backup is made.  The customer is going to try 
        this when they get a chance.

        Before the customer tries to remove it they are going to
        reboot the machine to see if that works.

        The customer will then have to re-install Service Director and
        then register if they are ever going to want to use it.

Next:  Closing item.

Test:   Ran /usr/lpp/servdir/servdir.timer.  This displayed a quick
        message that the system was being checked and then came back
        to the prompt.  Viewing servdir.timer showed that it ran:
                servdir.analyze timer:
        I ran servdir.analyze timer: and hit control-Z and bg to put 
        this in the background.  ps -ef | grep servdir showed 
        servdir.analyze and ibm.psa running.  I was able to kill 
        these processes.  Unfortunately running these did not 
        re-create the customer's problem.

Support Line: Service Director log file growing large ITEM: AL0121L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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