The sysback install is hanging when getting a list of PVs


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 590 (Wide SP Node)
  Disks: 4 scsi 4.5gb   Over 100 SSA disks in two loops 

  Customer does a network boot from a C20 and then tries to
  do a remote install from a remote tape drive.  It hangs 
  at this point.

  From the Main Install Menu the customer chooses these 

  Change Volume Group & Logical Volume Information
    Choose there remote tape drive 
      Select Physical Volumes for Volume Groups
       Choose rootvg
        Then as it was creating the lists of disks it hung.

To work around this problem, I had the customer disconnect the
SSA disks and just reinstall rootvg.

Up in normal mode with the SSA disks available I tried to do 
this: remakevg -Ef /dev/rmt0 -v datavg

>From the Main Menu the customer choose this option:

Select Physical Volumes for Volume Groups
Customer selected the volume group
  It produced this error when it was generating the list of 

sysinstall:  not found

Then it just hung.

We have now seen this problem with two different customers 
with almost the same setup.  With over 100 SSA disks connected
to between two or three systems.

 CLOSED by tj on 12/17/97 00:19:
Found out there was a maximum of 100 lines which could be 
displayed. If disks exceeded this number,an array was 
overwritten causing various misleading errors due to memory 
overruns. The maximum is now set to 500 lines, and various 
checks are added to truncate the list to this number if 

This will be fixed with sysback.rte

Support Line: The sysback install is hanging when getting a list of PVs ITEM: FB6660L
Dated: December 1997 Category: N/A
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