ITEM: V0775L

Sysback recreating logical volumes with 15 char names


     AIX 3.2.5

       Demetri has sysback version and he has booted from his
        full system backup and selected a non-root volume group.  Then
        he has selected numerous logical volumes from the logical volume
        list and changed various information (indicating for some of 
        them not to create it).  Then when he tried to select a logical
        volume thats name was longer that the logical volume field (he
        can tell this because the logical volume name was truncated),
        he then got garbage on the rest of his screens.  He got expr 
        syntax errors.  Also, he tried to go back to the main menu and
        then it only recognized the rootvg and not his non-rootvg.  At
        this point Demetri believes that there is some limit for logical
        volume names that is not corresponding with aix's limit and that
        this is causing his problem.  Demetri is in the process of 
        rebooting from the sysback backup and will start customizing 
        the logical volumes thats names are not truncated.  
       He would like a call back from the sysback engineer to discuss the
       possibility that sysback is broken.


  LVM limits the filenames to 15 characters, so I'm not sure
  how he got LV names that were so large. Maybe they were created
  on a prior AIX level before the limit was enforced.

  In any event, Sysback assumes a 14-character limit. I have applied 
  a fix to allow any length of names, and am in the process of 
  testing this.

  Have left message for customer to call back to find out how the
  fix should be distributed. We can overnight mail or FTP if they

Support Line: Sysback recreating logical volumes with 15 char names ITEM: V0775L
Dated: May 1995 Category: N/A
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