ITEM: D3878L

Need information of the configuration of modems on 128 port.


I have a 980 running 3.2.3e of AIX with 4 or 5 128 port adapters.  I
have been able to set up the local ttys, but I am having problems with
the remote setup.  I am trying to setup some modems on the 128 port
adapters.  I would like to talk to someone who has actually set this
up, and could assist me on this.  I would like some kind of howto
explaining how to do this.  I have some questions on the setup of this
as far as the last link must be configured for four RANS, and if there
are not, should I setup a phantom RAN.  I have heard you must do this
for the remote setup.


Clarified 128-Port information on the virtual modem, what setting
we have used for IBM 5822 modem.  They are going to try to set up
tonight.  Would also like information on DataRace or Data Race
modems.  I told him that one customer got this to work with 
Data Race Profiles 11 (Lease Line Originate),
and Data Race Profile 12 (Lease Line Repeater).

Will FAX some examples on virtual modems and SMIT, and also a HOWTO
in progress on setting up the IBM 5822 Modem.
Explained that virtual modems (SMIT settings of rs232_modem when
no RAN exists) are needed on remote RAN (when modem is used) and
when less than 4 RAN are used.  Example at end of item in working


Checked, and the 7855 does have a sync mode, but it only goes to 12KB,
which might work at a setting of 14.4KB.  This modem will also require
changes to the NE and NF cables with 
the 4-6-20 pins jumpered with 5 left unconnected.  Also the first modem
must be set to internal clock, and the second should to slave, but
if does not work then it should also try internal clocking.


Customer reported that IBM 7855 modem's worked as per my instructions.
Modem speed set to 12K, SMIT line speed set to 14.4 KB.  First modem
set to internal clocking, second modem to slave clocking Modem set to
nodial - leased line. (actually tested back to back).  Rest of modem
settings were normal.  Test setup with 1 local, 1 remote RAN.  
128-Port -- RAN -- IBM 7855 Modem -/- IBM 7855 Modem -- RAN - Terminator
SMIT settings: 14.4 KB, 8-wire, direct, rs232_modem, rs232_modem,

Support Line: Need information of the configuration of modems on 128 port. ITEM: D3878L
Dated: August 1993 Category: N/A
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