snmp trap is sent with reporting address

env:    4.2, F30

prob:   customer has trap setup on a particular RS Machine that reports
        to another machine running netview
.act:   the customer beleives that the trap is getting to the netview
        system but it comes up as localhost as the reporting machine
.       there are two machines in question
        NV6000 is the machine running NetView
        MIS2   is the machine sending traps

        trap line is still:
.       trap    ottaway     nv6000      1.2.3    fe
        no resolv.conf file, customer is using /etc/hosts/

RESOLUTION:found that the hostname was set to
[mis2] and in /etc/hosts they have   localhost   loopback [mis2]
snmpd uses the hostname value and from that gets Wanted 
to know if there is a way around this because someone set up the
hosts file this way to allow the COSE desktop to work
with HACMP.  There is no way around this in snmpd configuration.

Support Line: snmp trap is sent with reporting address ITEM: DB6459L
Dated: June 1997 Category: N/A
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