LIBRARY: F50 hangs at c31 on install

7025-F50 with GXT120p (Matrox Mystique) video board on AIX v4.2.1

Machine will not boot in maintenance mode, including from AIX Install
media, sysback media or mksysb.

swcons did not support this video board until after the initial release.
Many systems were shipped without patch disks or update CD's.

Obtain the following disk images:
* GXT120p driver diskette,
* GXT120p fix (IX68882) diskette,
* GXT120p Circumvention Diskette

These can be found at:

These are dd.Z files.  They must be uncompressed with:
`uncompress filename.dd.Z`
`dd if=filename.dd of=/dev/rfd0 bs=38b conv=sync`

If the user has no other unix box on which to do this, they can use
a windows decompression utility such as winzip to extract the one file
and then the freeware utility "RawRite.exe" to place this onto a pre-
formatted 1.44m floppy diskette like this:
`RAWRITE gxt120p.dd A:`
`RAWRITE IX68882_fix.dd A:`
`rawrite devices_pci.2b101a05 A:`

Once the diskettes are made, insert the gxt120p diskette into the drive
of the risc box, insert the AIX CD into the cdrom, then boot the machine.
At the display of the icons, or after the third keyboard light flash, but
before the last icon is displayed, press [F5] to queue maint mode boot.
* CD reading
* "Starting AIX"
* Black screen with green cursor
* LED 0c42 and reading floppy disk
* "Press F1 to select this console"
* "Press 1 for English"
* "Welcome to base operating  system install"
* "1) Install Default"

Once done, boot into normal mode, and install the IX68882 diskette and
the devices.pci driver from smitty or with `installp -acXd /dev/rfd0 all`
for each of the two remaining diskettes.

You're done.  Install any other drivers or other filesets that you need
and enjoy your system.


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