ITEM: K3490L

MTU size smaller when going through router


AIX 3.2.2

When I do a ftp between the RISC and PC going across a router, my MTU
size is being chopped to 500.  I have it set to 1500, the maximum for
Ethernet.  If I do a ftp between two PC's, the MTU size stays about
1400, even across the router.


When a packet is destined for a non-local network, the MTU size used is
576 - this is defined by RFC 1122.  In prior versions of AIX this used
to be a modifiable parameter, remmtu, however in 3.2, the parameter still
exists, but has no effect since the MTU size for a packet destined for
a remote network will have an MTU size of 576. 

Support Line: MTU size smaller when going through router ITEM: K3490L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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