parallel port not putting all characters out

DESC: customer has a parallel printer.  When he prints to this, it is
dropping characters.  It seems prevelant on the second character of
every line, but not exclusive.  He has taken the cable off the back of
this 591 and put it on the back of a 520.  He then remote printed to
the 520 and it worked fine.  The 591 is at 4.1.3 and the 520 is at

1) dataproducts printer on the 4.1.3 system
  a) redirected a file to /dev/lp0
        -> missing 3 or 4 characters per line
  b) queued a job to queue pointing to lp0
        -> missing upto 12 characters on a line
2) dataproducts printer on 3.2.5 machine and remote printing
from the 4.1.3 machine
        -> complete file prints
3) ibm4226 printer connected to the 4.1.3 machine, but still
using the dp2000 driver
        -> complete file prints

ACT: This was caused by a change made to the parallel device drivers.
The change caused the parallel output to go faster than some
printers can accept the data.  They were able to correct this by
changing the "delay between characters" setting on the device
driver in smit.  This value can be between 0 and 10, and they were
able to get successful printing with a value of 5.

Support Line: parallel port not putting all characters out ITEM: AP4456L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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