Invalid backup header on device /dev/rmt0.1


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 320 (server) and  R50 (High Node)
  sysback 4.1.4  

  The customer has a full system backup which was created
  with sysback  The customer does a network boot
  from a the 320 which is running sysback 4.1.4.

  We choose option 3 "INSTALL the System with Current Settings"

  We get this error message:

  Invalid backup header on device /dev/rmt0.1! 

It appears the headers are totally different from ver 
and 4.1.4 of sysback. 

Version sysback Header:

Date:   Wed Jan  7 14:32:36 1998
User:   root
Host:   modj30
Type:   TOC - System Backup
Data:   rootvg
Size:   464 megabytes
Packed: N
Buffer: 64 Kbytes
Bkend:  B
Volume: 1

Version 4.1.4 sysback Header:

Date:          Mon Jan  5 10:06:04 1998
User:          root
Host:          modj30
Type:          Filesystem
Data:          lv05:/home/sbfs
Packed:        N
Buffer:        256 Kbytes
Bkend:         B
Backup Volume: 1
Image Number:  5
Image Volume:  1

I had the customer make this change within this script on the 
server system.

1.  cd /usr/lpp/sysback/inst
2.  cp sysinstall
3.  vi sysinstall
   Search for this line:

 grep "\^Backup Volume:" /tmp/..header | read x x volnum x numdevs ispar x
        if [ -z "$volnum" ]

Change it to look like this:

grep "\^Backup Volume:" /tmp/..header | read x x volnum x numdevs ispar x
volnum=1    \#ADD THIS LINE
        if [ -z "$volnum" ]

4.  Reboot the client and try the install again

CLOSED by tj on 01/07/98 22:30:
If the customer does not want to reboot the client,
just go to a maint shell and remove /etc/sysinstall. Then copy
/usr/lpp/sysback/inst/sysinstall to /etc and exit from the 
shell. You may see an error message before returning to the 
menus, but when you select to continue the install the new copy
of sysinstall will be used.

This change has been added to sysback.rte I was not 
able to find  another occurance of this problem in the code.

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Dated: January 1998 Category: N/A
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