ITEM: G4470L

Howto add a principal to DCE via the Security API


Below is a sample program where a principal "jim" with a specified UID
(777) was added to the DCE registry. 

The programmer should assign pgo_item.unix_num to the desired value
and let the runtime generate the uuid under the covers.  
If the UID is set to -1, it will generate the next available UID.

Use "xlc_r -ldce xxx.c -o xxx" to compile, where "xxx" is the name given
to the program.

The user that runs this program must have the proper permissions in
DCE to create a new principal (for example, dce_login as cell_admin).

\#include \
\#include \
\#include \


  sec_rgy_handle_t      h;
  sec_rgy_name_t        name="jim";
  sec_rgy_pgo_item_t    pgo_item;
  error_status_t        st;

  sec_rgy_site_open_update("/.:/subsys/dce/sec/master", &h, &st);
  pgo_item.unix_num = 777;
  sec_rgy_pgo_add(h, sec_rgy_domain_person, name, &pgo_item, &st);
  printf("sec_rgy_pgo_add returns %d\\n", st);

Support Line: Howto add a principal to DCE via the Security API ITEM: G4470L
Dated: May 1994 Category: N/A
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