Fast IPL on a R30


  AIX 4.1.
  RISC R30

  How to do a fast ipl on a smp system

  Either put this command in inittab or run from the command line:

  mpcfg -cf 11 1   (command line)

Here is how to set fast IPl in Stand-By-Menu

  Taken from the Service Guide for the R30

  1.  Place the key mode switch to service mode and press the enter 
      key on a termial connected to the S1 or S2 line.

  2.  The BUMP clears the screen on the selected line, issues a prompt
      and waits for a keyword

  3.  Enter the keyword sbb to display the STAND-BY menu
      The STAND-BY menu consists of a main menu, with several options
      as shown below

  0  Display Configuraiton
  1  Set Flags
  2  Set Unit Number
  3  Set Configuration
  4  SSbus Maintenance
  5. I2C Maintenance

Choose option 1

This will give you some Flags you can toggle ON or toggle OFF

Remote Authorization Flag              Disabled or Enabled
BUMP Console Flag                      Disabled or Enabled    
Autoservice IPL flag                   Disabled or Enabled
Extended Tests parameter               Disabled or Enabled
Power-On Tests in Trace Mode flag      Disabled or Enabled
Power-On Tests in Loop Mode flag       Disabled or Enabled
Fast IPL flag                          Disabled or Enabled
Set Electronic Mode Sweitch to Normal  Disabled or Enabled

Then select x to exit once the flags are set

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