Problem with configuration print file to MVS

ENV:    RISC system, MVS system, TCP/IP

        Customer is using remote printing from a RISC system
to MVS using lpd.  She has setup the remote queue and can send
print jobs without any problem but then they have go to 
a ? directory with the proper hostname listed from the RISC.
She had a similar problem on a HP UNIX system and resolved
the problem by editin the configuration file.  She is not
able to find any kind of configuration file on AIX where
to change the settings such as username and job name
which are needed in order to get spooled to the proper location
on the MVS system before printing.

        She checked her /var/spool/lpd/qdir file for the print
job and it has the proper file name and user name information
but that is all.  She is using the qprt command to send
print jobs so I mentioned possibly using double queueing 
but this does not involve any changes such as user name
and job name.  I told her to try and use the following 
                'qprt -Pqueuename -Dusername -Tjobname filename'

The same problem occurred.  She then checked her remote
printer queue characteristics and she is using the proper
destination hostname specified in the host table and 
is also using the proper local queuename on the MVS system.
She is using /usr/lpd/aixshort and aixlong as her FORM FILTERS
so I told her to try and use /usr/lpd/bsdshort and bsdlong.
This also did not resolve the problem. 

She tried running iptrace as follows which can be found 
in the fax /public/support/aix/printer/howto_trace_detailed:

\# iptrace -p printer -a -b -s source_host -d dest_host /tmp/trace.out
      -p printer (use the word printer) says look at port 515 only.
         we won't get logon traffic if we do this.
      -a means suppress ARP packets
      -b means change the -d and -s to bidirectional mode (optional)
      -s where the print command is issued
      -d system where the printer is

Print the job to the remote queue
\# enq -Pqueue_name filename

Now Kill the trace command
\# ps -ef | grep ipt

Get the job id
\# kill -9 job_id
\# ipreport /tmp/trace.out > /tmp/report.out

She then checked the ipreport and it is receiving the proper
acknowledgements from the RISC and MVS system and has
the df and cf files set properly.  It seems to be a possible
problem where the MVS is needing other information in the cf
or configuration file.  She would like to know if it is possible
to edit this file before sending the print job through the 
queueing system.  I will research the problem and call 
her back.



Some research results:

lpr -Pqueue -C:jobn=...:d=jes21:user=..:cl=.. filename

jobn= job number
d = jes queue
user= prints on header page
cl = class

Tried 3 print commands:
\# lpr -Pmod590 -C:jobn=23:d=jes21:user=smuck:cl=44 /etc/motd
\# enq -Pmod590 -o -jobn=23:d=jes21:user=smuck:cl=44 /etc/motd
\# enq -Pmod590 -o jobn=23:d=jes21:user=smuck:cl=44 /etc/motd

Then looked at the flags in the remote system job description
file and they look like:

This should give a method to get the data to the host to specify
the user and jes queue.  We could also create a queue that would
automatically add this information in a double queue to print
to the MVS system, but see if this works first.
        I ran through the possibilities of using the 
lpr command with the -C option and this worked fine.  
She does not want to have to type this in all of the time
so she changed her BACKEND PROGRAM PATHNAME in SMIT to

'/usr/lpd/rembak -X -o jobn=  :d=  :user=  :cl= ' 

She inserted jobn= jobname, d= jes queue, user= user name
and did not use the cl entry.

She then tried to print using the lp command with a particular
file and this did not work.  SHe possibly wanted to try using
the double queueing method.  She ADDED A VIRTUAL PRINTER
and selected 'null' as the device.  She then selected ASCII
printer as her printer type and then her proper queue name.

and enter 'mo=lpr -Pqueuename -C:jobn=  :d=  : usr=  :cl= '.

These all had the proper entries such as class and job number.
She then was able to print fine using 'qprt -Plocalqueuename filename'.
She will need to use the full lpr command if she needs to change
any of the special values or change the virtual printer.
She will call back if she has any further problems.


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