ITEM: M9080L

Trying to install 3.2.5, Getting LED C32


  AIX  3.2.5 (just installed it)

  Desc:  Customer installed from a CDROM and that went fine, on the
         bootup it does not get any messages on the termial.
         LED C32 it the only things that shows up.

         1.  boot up a service mode off of the cdrom
         2.  choose option 4
         3.  getrootfs hdisk0
         4.  TERM=hft
         5.  export TERM
         6.  smitty installp
         7.  Install From All Available Software Packages
         8.  choose the cdrom as the input device
         9.  Hit F4 at the line  Software to Install  [all]
        10.  Tag with the F7 key U429284, U429288 and U429289
        11.  sync;sync;sync
        12.  turn key to normal and shutdown -Fr

  These ptfs are for the GTX adapter support.  There were some
  bad SPO media being sent out with this problem.  The problem is
  the ptf should be installed during the inital install, but for 
  some reason they were not.  Work Around is to install the ptfs
  in the maintenance mode.  

  This fixed the customer's problem.

Support Line: Trying to install 3.2.5, Getting LED C32 ITEM: M9080L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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