Can I run full duplex Ethernet with both SNA and TCP/IP?


I understand that configuring full duplex operations can help
improve performance -- effectively doubling potential throughput
because the adapter can send and receive data simultaneously across
the adapter.

I'm running TCP/IP in full duplex mode today -- would I also get full
duplex mode benefits if I were to implement SNA over Ethernet?

Environment:  I'm running AIX V 4.1.4 and the new Etheret/FDX High
Performance TP/AUI MC Ethernet adapter (f.c. 2992) attached to an IBM
8271 EtherStreamer Switch (hub).  I've enabled full duplex mode in the
SMIT Change/Show Characteristics of an Ethernet Adapter menu and set
the 8271 port to full duplex operations.


Yes, full duplex operation is set for the adapter so it is in affect all
upper level protocols running on the Ethernet network -- this includes
TCP/IP, SNA, Novell, and so forth.

Support Line: Can I run full duplex Ethernet with both SNA and TCP/IP? ITEM: BN8650L
Dated: September 1996 Category: N/A
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