starting CACS on a SP2

A customer received the following messages while trying to start a
newly installed CICS for AIX (V2.1) region on a machine/node on which
CICS had never executed:

0509-037 system error - error data is:  /usr/lpp/cics/bin/cics
0509-023 symbol SupOS_Threadweightevent in /usr/lpp/cics/lib/libcicsrt.a is not defined
0509-023 symbol SupOS_Threadwake in /usr/lpp/cics/lib/libcicsrt.a is not defined 
can not load libcicsrte.a{libcicsrte_shr.o  
0809-026 system error can not run a file that does not have a 
valid format                                  

This problem resulted from the customer having NOT executed the
cicssetupclients command.  Additional function, added for CICS for AIX
V2.1, includes the execution of "ConfigureKernelExtensions" which
makes appropriate modifications to shared libraries preventing this

Support Line: starting CACS on a SP2 ITEM: AU3848L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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