ITEM: G7302L

Howto unconfigure AIX DCE 1.2

To stop DCE on a system follow these steps:

- login as root
- run /etc/dce.clean

To unconfigure DCE on a system:

- login as root
- rmdce -l all

This will remove all configured DCE products. It does not remove the
DCE software, only the configuration.

After DCE has been unconfigured, you can reconfigure DCE. 
If you are unconfiguring a DCE Directory (CDS) or Security Server
make sure you do not have any DCE clients systems that are in use. Their
configuration in the security and directory servers will be lost.

Support Line: Howto unconfigure AIX DCE 1.2 ITEM: G7302L
Dated: May 1994 Category: N/A
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