HACMP: How do you add a file system on a shared disk.


What are the steps for adding a logical volume on shared drives
in an HACMP environment.

If you have the HACMP manuals, you would reference the chapter on 
"Maintaining Shared LVM Components".

Otherwise, you could do the following:

      From each HACMP node:
      1) Shutdown HACMP

      From the owning node (Node A, for example):
      2) Create the logical volume and file system 
      3) Add the file system to a resource group
      4) Synchronize Node Environment

      From the destination nodes (Node B, for example):
      5) Export the volume group
      6) Break any reserves on the drives with one of the 
         following commands relative to the drive type:

         For SCSI drives, including 7135-110, 7137, 7133, 7131...:
         /usr/sbin/cluster/events/utils/cl_scdiskreset /dev/hdiskn...

         For SCSI serial, including 9333:
         /usr/sbin/cluster/events/utils/cl_9333diskreset /dev/hdiskn...

      7) Import the volume group with the same major number
      8) Change the volume group to not auto-varyon at restart

      From each node:
      9) Start HACMP

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