having a problem with send mail


having a problem with send mail


   Env: AIX 3.2.5

   Desc: Waverly sees that an error is being logged in syslog   
        that says:

        sendmail: timeout waiting for input from local

        what does this error message mean?

   Action: Everytime she establishes a SMTP connection a timeout
        value is set by the r option in the file.
        Sendmail will begin a read only for the duratin of      
        this timeout value.  If the read doesn't complete before
        the timeout expires she will receive this error.

        She should try increasing this value or if it is already
        high then it is probably a hardware connection problem.

   Next Action: She thinks its the latter so she'll will close 
        this item.

   Test Case: none.

Support Line: having a problem with send mail ITEM: AV4506L
Dated: February 1996 Category: N/A
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