telnetd; all network ports are in use.

Env: AIX 4.2.1,  Model: j40

Problem: When trying to telnet into nodes "slsconta and slscontb" 
        the customer gets the error;

        telnetd; all network ports are in use.

Action Taken:
        a. lssrc -ls inetd -> active
        b. refresh -s inetd ->
        c. no -a   =thewall -> 16384
        d. update thewall=32768
        e. lsdev -Cl pty0               available

        in the /etc/ does it indicate the is being called,
        ... is the being called in the /etc/inittab...

        ie -> harc:2:wait:/usr/sbin/cluster/etc/ 

        if so; 

        f. shutdown -Fr

        g. lsdev -Cl pty0                  ---defined
        h. mkdev -l pty0                   ---pty0 available
              Customer is now able to telnet into his machine.
              cause of the problem is pty0 decined on reboot.

        i.  /etc/methods/cfgpty -l pty0

       in the last line before exit 0 in
       for the file /usr/sbin/cluster/etc/

        shutdown -Fr;
        then pty should come up in an available state.

Action Plan: CWCA
Test Case: n/a 

Support Line: telnetd; all network ports are in use. ITEM: FI4778L
Dated: March 1998 Category: N/A
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