16 port adapter unable to run tty's at 9600 baud rate

Env: AIX 3251
     RS 6000 model 7011
     16 port adapter

After upgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5 some of her terminals 
were experiencing getting extra characters on the RAN and 16-port 
adapter.  She said that when she upgraded from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5, it 
did not install the /usr/lib/terminfo directory.  When she installed 
this over the weekend, this fixed the problem on the RAN's but the 
16-port adapter was still not working.  I told her to remove and re-add 
the 16-port adapter. 

ACT: The ttys (on the 16 port adapter)
     do not have the correct terminfo. 
     there is no link between the:
     /usr/lib/terminfo --> /usr/share/lib/terminfo
     we set up the link by:
     1) cd to /usr/lib
     2) ln -s /usr/share/lib/terminfo terminfo
     Now the tty is working fine.

     The tty hanging off the native port and 128
     adapter work fine in SMIT (the box drawing character).  The ttys
     hanging off the 16 port adapter do not work in SMIT (no box
     drawing characters).

Found similiar problems that were data refresh problems
with tty's after an upgrade to 3.2.5 enh 4.  3668x reports that the
problem also occured on printers attached to the 16-port adapter.  I
would like to know if the same results are seen on native serial port.

Check baud rate and find out if problem occurs at 9600, but not
other rates.  If so apply 172752.

Verified that changing the baud rate to 19200 eliminates the
problem.  PTF to fix this problem is U438539.

Support Line: 16 port adapter unable to run tty's at 9600 baud rate ITEM: AR3286L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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