Not retaining platform type


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 43p-140 (server)  43p-240 (client)
  sysback 4.2.

  I go in to smit and do this:

  smitty sb_cfgbootclient
    Client Hostname               []

  Client network adapter type                      [token-ring]     
  Client platform/kernel type                      [rspc]     
* Client hostname                                  [>
  Server IP address                                []
  Client gateway address (optional)                []           
  Client subnet mask (optional)                    []          
  Client adapter hardware address (optional)       []                       

I changed the Client platform/kernel type to rspc/MP and when I
come back into this option it is set back to rspc 
(which is the  server type)

CLOSED by tj on 04/28/98 15:41:
I was not able to reproduce this but made several changes to 
the boot and install client configuration that would probably 
fix it anyway:

1. The Platform Type and Adapter Type fields will no longer 
   allow entry and the user may either use TAB or F4 to select 
   from the lists.
2. All options that list existing cients will now show the entire
   domain name (as specified in the /etc/bootptab file).
3. The client hostname was not being exported with the entire doman
   name if specified. The entire domain name will now be included
   in the /etc/exports file.
4. The client information in the /tftpboot directory was not being
   properly removed when removing a boot/install client if the
   client domain name was used.

Please check these out to make sure all information is being 
retained and removed as expected.
this will be in

Support Line: Not retaining platform type ITEM: FQ0614L
Dated: April 1998 Category: N/A
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