ITEM: K1726L

Assigning a tty number to a specific terminal server port.


I would like to assign a perminent port description to a port on 
my DEC90M terminal server.  This would be different from the random
port numbers we get now when telneting.  Is this possible?


*) I tried calling the customer to get clarification on whether or not it is
*) a "port on the DEC terminal server" or a "port on a RISC (eg.)" because it 
*) baffles me as to why he called us for support on a DEC server.
*) NILM for him to call back.  

We don't support the DEC90M terminal server.  Customer would have to call DEC
for support on this issue.    


Customer called with clarification of his situation.

Customer really wnated to know whether or not TCP/IP would allow him to 
assign a permanent address to a remote device (his remote device just happens
to be the DEC terminal server).

He wants to specify a device description in the /dev directory for each port on the 
terminal server, instead of the system assigning the numbers for him.



I told the customer that you are able to assign a TCP/IP address to the
terminal server.

Assigning specific tty numbers to the ports on the terminal server is not possible
because of the way AIX works.  When configuring ports, the software automatically 
assigns the next available number.

Support Line: Assigning a tty number to a specific terminal server port. ITEM: K1726L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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