Need unique CPU ID before install.


Q: Need vital product data (unique CPU ID) before install.  You
        can do the 'uname -m' command to get the unique CPU ID
        after you have loaded AIX on the new CPU.
   At the plant, the assembly line for the CPU, there is a machine              
   which stamps the unique uname id into the CPU planar.  Even IBM              
   does not know which machine has which id.  In the past this was not          
   considered by Development as necessary.  But, lately many customers          
   have been requesting this type of information from IBM. 

        To get the unique CPU ID for your machine BEFORE it is
        installed/upgraded, you must mail a note to COLLECT at 
        node AUSATS4.  The subject must be one of the following:

        CPUID \  \

                CPUID MES \

        where \ = 7006,7007,7008,7009,7011,7012,7013,7015
        \ should look something like 2612345 (7 digits/no "-"'s)

        and \ should look like U75123.

        For example:

        Subject: CPUID 7006 2600077

        You will receive a response almost immediately with the 
        information that was wanded (bar code read by light pen)
        into the database at the manufacturing plant.

        Except for rare cases where CPUs were put in the wrong box,
        the returned number will be the same as that returned with
        the 'uname -m' command.

Support Line: Need unique CPU ID before install. ITEM: AI7312L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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