/usr/sbin/editvginfo[226]: test: argument expected


  AIX 4.1.4

  I created a filesystems backup using the mkjfsback command.
  I removed the filesystem, then recreated it, but gave it a different
  name using this syntax:

  remakevg -f /dev/rmt0 -l hd1 -L hd1new

  Reading Volume Label
  Reading table of contents ..

  Verifying the logical volume information ..
  /usr/sbin/editvginfo[226]: test: argument expected

 The recreated did work.

Next Action:
  Opened up a problem with TJ


This one happened because there is no "VG" record in the vginfo data if
only backing up a single LV. I've modified mkvginfo command to add a
dummy VG record to this file in order to store the original PP size.
You will notice that if you had also selected to create it in a
volume group with a different PP size, it would have been created at the
wrong size since we didnt know the original pp size. This will be included
in mod level 3.3.4 (which will also include some changes to support
the split level backups and anything else we find for AIX 4.2).

Closing out

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Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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