40P cannot change Ethernet interface from bnc to tp


40P, AIX 4.1.X, just recently moved the 40P from a thinnet network
to a 10baseT network.  Cannot configure the Ethernet adapter to make
it recognize TP.


Customer must boot up the system from an SMS diskette:
   Press F4 as the device icons appear at the bottom of the screen 
   Select "Utilities" 
   Select "Remote Initial Program Load Setup" 
   Select "Adapter Parameters" 
   Select "IBM LAN Adapter for Ethernet" 
   Select "View or Set Parameters" 
   Press F2 to save changes
Bootup the system, bring down/detach the interface, then remove the
Ethernet interface:
   ifconfig en0 down
   ifconfig en0 detach  (with a T-connector, and two 50 ohm
                         terminators attached to the bnc connector)
   rmdev -l en0
   rmdev -l et0
   rmdev -l ent0
Enter the following command to configure the Ethernet adapter:
   mkdev -c adapter -s isa -t ethernet -a bus_intr_lvl=IRQ 
   -a bus_io_addr=IO -a bus_mem_addr=MEM -a media_type=TYPE
   -p bus1
      IRQ  = Interrupt Level (5,7,9,11)
      IO   = I/O Address (0x240,0x280,0x2C0,0x300,0x320,0x340,0x360)
      MEM  = Bus Memory Address (0xC0000,0x4000,0xDC000)
      TYPE = Cable Type (dix,bnc,tp)
Go thru SMIT to add an Ethernet interface:
   smitty tcpip
   further configuration
   network interfaces
   network interface selection
   add a network interface
   add a standard ethernet network interface
Run minimum configuration and specify all necessary information.

Note: When moving the 40P from one network (thinnet) to another
network (twisted-pair), customer need to have a T-connector with
terminators terminated on both ends.  An RJ-45 connection is used
to connect the 40P to the concentrator/hub for network connection.
If the T-connector is not present or not terminated both ends,
the interface can be brought down, but CANNOT be detached.  It
will hang.

Do not use the -d flag when removing the interface,
unless the device is removed from the system physically.

Do not run cfgmgr or reboot unless have to.

The bus_mem_addr can be either 0xc0000 or 0xc4000.
0xe4000, as reported by the SMS diskette utility, is
only an address used by firmware, not by AIX.

Support Line: 40P cannot change Ethernet interface from bnc to tp ITEM: AJ1568L
Dated: May 1995 Category: N/A
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