nfs mounting upon reboot using nis

Des:    NFS mounts are not mounting after reboot.

Act:    In his /etc/filesystems he has mount set to true
        for his nfs filesystems on the nfs clients.

This is a name resolution problem.  When he
reboots the machine he notices this error:

1831-008 \ not in host database
1831-008 giving up on 

a route to the remote host is not available

He is running nis and is using the hosts map
on the server for name resolution.  
        In the /etc/inittab file there are three
        files related to this problem:


        /etc/rc performs a 'mount all' which will cause mounting of
        any entry in /etc/filesystems where mount = automatic or
        mount = true, including those nfs mounts.

        At this point, however, the system does not have NIS running,
        and is unable to resolve the exporting hostname to an IP
        rc.tcpip brings up the tcpip daemons
        rc.nfs brings yp the nis damons first and then the nfs daemons.

        These three files are executed in the order specified above
        in the /etc/inittab file.  Therefore the 'mount all' tries
        to mount the nfs filesystem using either the /etc/hosts
        file or the /etc/resolv.conf file.  If neither of these
        files have the name of the remote nfs host in its file
        it will fail to mount even if you are using a nis hosts map.
                Nis is started in the /etc/rc.nfs file.  The nis daemons
        are started after the 'mount all' option in the /etc/rc.boot
        file.  Therefore automatic nfs mounts relying on name 
        resolution will not mount.


        When mounting use the ip address of the remote host instead
        of the hostname. Then name resolution will not be needed 
        and it should mount cleanly.  Or, if it is already mounted go
        into the /etc/filesystems files and change the node name to     
        an ip address.

        Another option, which would involve careful planning, is
        to change the order in the /etc/inittab file.  You can
        move the rc.boot file after the rc.nfs file.  Or you could
        even edit the rc.boot file and move the mount all to the
        /etc/rc.nfs file after the nis daemons start.  These
        ideas require careful planning.  Make sure you know what
        each file is doing.

Support Line: nfs mounting upon reboot using nis ITEM: AI2631L
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