ITEM: Z8070L

Can't restore a mksysb on a SP2 node

ENV:    AIX 3.2.5, PSSP 1.1, 2 frames:
        frame1: 2 wide, 10 thin
        frame2: 4 wide added 5th wide node

Desc:   Customer is getting 
        0516-050: lcreatevg: Volume Group Descriptor Area is full
        0516-862: mkvg ....

Act:    The hard disk is 4.5 GB. This is a known problem
        with the 4.5 GB.  The mksysb does not set the PP size to
        8mb it leaves it set to 4mb.
                Here is a Workaround to the problem:
        Done on the control work-station

1.  cd /usr/lpp/ssp/install/backup
2.  mkdir tmp
3.  cp instmaint.diskette tmp
4.  cp instmaint.diskette
5.  cd tmp
6.  restore -xvqf *
7.  cd usr/lpp/bosinst
8.  vi bosrvg
9.  search on mkvg
  mkvg -f -y $VGNAME -s $PPSIZE -d `wc -l \<$VGDISKS` `cat $VGDISKS`


  mkvg -f -y $VGNAME -s 8 -d 3 `cat $VGDISKS`

10.  cd /usr/lpp/ssp/install/backup/tmp
11.  restore -Tvqf instmaint.diskette > output
12.  cat output | backup -ivqf instmaint.diskette
13.  cp instmaint.diskette ..

The customer is going to reboot the spnode now and start the 
restoration again. He will call back if he still has problems.

The above solution worked for the customer.
Also ordering these ptfs to solve this problem in the future.

 U436608 U436618 U436619 U435395 U436987 U436986 U439258 U435389 U439262
 U439259 U438922 U436609 U439255 U436610 U438925 U436611 U439251 U436613 
 U438921 U435401 U439267 U436615 U438918 U436616 U439252 U436612 U438923 
 U436614 U438915 U436606 U439260 U435392 U439263 U436617 U439261 U435405 
 U439266 U436607 U439265 U435390 U438913 U437416 U437417 U439032 U437418 
 U439250 U437419 U439257 U437420 U438434 

 Or use the order alias SP12PTF

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: Can't restore a mksysb on a SP2 node ITEM: Z8070L
Dated: September 1995 Category: N/A
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