Ethernet problems


ethernet problems


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ENV: 4.1.4, model 59h
CUSTOMER REP: David Martin
PROBLEM: Customer cannot get ethernet to go Available.
ACTION TAKEN: Since the adapter is already defined we ran diagnostics.
 SRN error 803-713 stating a software error occurred.
 (It may have been 803-717)
.lsdev -Cc if
 en0 Stopped   -- there is no et0
 lo0 Available
. lsdev -Cc adapter
   ent0 Defined
. rmdev -dl en0   -- en0 Deleted
 rmdev -dl ent0 -- 0514-534 cannot remove device because it is in a
                   diagnose state.
. Nothing in the process table except 'diagd' but that should be there.
 Rebooted the system to unload whatever is holding the adapter.
lsdev -Cc if
 en0 and et0 are both not there. 
. lsdev -Cl ent0
ent0 is Defined.
. rmdev -dl ent0 -- ent0 Deleted.
. Decided to try to remove the device driver, since the adapter will
 not configure and this is the overwritten version.
. Customer insists there is no adapter problem. He says the CE put on
 a brand new adapter and he had it working before. It was a reboot
 that put the adapter in the state where it won't come up Available.
. He can't restore from a mksysb since there are updates on this system
 that aren't in a mksysb.
. He says that after all the hours of work, the adapter did come up and
 he is willing to go through it again to get the adapter working.
. Entered SMIT to remove the device driver fileset and it 
 failed with the same error as item CT6021.

  0301-168 bosboot the curent lv /dev/hd5 does not exist
           on /dev/hdisk1
. Customer wanted to try to overwrite the device driver like he
 did in item CT6022. 

   install requisite software - no
   commit software - no
   save replace files - yes
  overwrite same or newer version - yes 
. Same error as item CT6022.
    0301-168 bosboot the curent blv /dev/hd5 does not exist
             on /dev/hdisk1  
    0503-407 installp: error occurred during bosboot 
 Now he wants someone to walk him through item CT6021 to get
 the error to go away.
ACTION PLAN: Conferencing in Offshift for help with item CT6021.
 After rebooting the ent0 will come up Defined. Even if we successfully
 remove and re-install the device driver, I told the customer I can't
 promise this adapter will come up available.
TEST CASE: none.


Customer Contact


*Customer: Marissio 1732-745-8599

*PROBLEM: could install the ethernet (8f95) software, failing 
        on bosboot could not create on hdisk1 - there is no 


ipldevice major and minor number matches to  hdisk1 rahter hdisk0

hd5 is soley on hdisk0 --

 dialed into the systaem at 7327456793

moved the hd5 on hdisk1 

now able to force overwrite devices.mca.8f95.rte

still the same problem

-- remdev -dl ent0
errpt -a|pg has the following  hw errors on ent0
ent0 00-01

tried deinstalling 
devices.mca.8f95.diag and devices.mca.8f95.rte 

and installed them -- still the same problem

tried also force overwriting the 
 devices.mca.8f95.diag  COMMITTED  
            Ethernet High-Performance LAN
             Adapter (8f95) Diagnostics 
  devices.mca.8f95.rte  COMMITTED 
             Ethernet High-Performance LAN
             Adapter (8f95) Software 
  devices.mca.8f95.rte  COMMITTED 
       Ethernet High-Performance LAN
       Adapter (8f95) Software

Cust is not in the position to move to the card to a different slot

there is no other empty device that support bootdevice

made mksysb image at this point --

 since hdisk0 is mirrored to hdisk1
 tried break the mirror on hdisk0 and reduced the hdisk0 from rootvg
 and boot in service to install os from cdrom -- but hdisk0 was not
 recognized --

cust wanted to put the rootvg back to mirrored state --
re did the mirroring -ok

other vgs did not come up when rebooted

lspv hdisk\# -- all ?? marks ----
lsdev -Cc disk
hdisk0  Available 00-08-00-0,0 2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk1  Available 00-08-00-1,0 2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk2  Available 00-08-00-2,0 2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk4  Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk5  Available 00-07-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk6  Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk7  Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk8  Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk9  Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk10 Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive
hdisk11 Available 00-06-L      SSA Logical Disk Drive

hdisk0         000068814992c1cf    rootvg         
hdisk1         00006881303416a3    rootvg         
hdisk2         000068815fce4286    vg00           
hdisk4         0000688173021c91    None           
hdisk5         000068813bd638fd    vg04           
hdisk6         000068813f835d6a    vg01           
hdisk7         000068813f84547f    vg01           
hdisk8         000068813fa6867f    vg02           
hdisk9         000068812c6d7362    vg02           
hdisk10        000068813fa7d4fe    vg03           
hdisk11        00006881b38f4988    vg03           

saved the /etc/filesytems file 

lsvg -o --- shows only rootvg
exportvg vg00 and other vgs
imported those ok --

checked that ssa0 ssa1 and pdisks the microde levels are mismatch
suggsted request the CE to put the latest microcode --

ssa device drivers also at the base level -- they need to upgraded

had problems with application user -- failing printer messages
 cannot create /dev/null

figured that /dev/null has no write pemissions for others

devices.mca.8f95.rte latest is at
cust do not have access to internet to down the above 
but I tried to down load it to the cust system using xmodem -- could
  not succeed --

      deinstalled devices.mca.8f95.rte and devices.mca.8f95.diag 
      rmdev -l ent0 -d

CE is going to be on site around 12PM

      shutdown -F
   power off after the system halts
   move ethernet card to a different slot reboot the system
   smitty devices
   configure devices after IPL 
   input device /dev/cd0     -- which will automatically installs
          device driver software ---

if the above do not help - CE getting a new drive-- will install the
 os from cdrom --- 
2. if that does not help -- shipping ( Airborne )\# 6821753234
 deinstall devices.mca.8f95.rte
sent the following instructions along with the diskette:
here are the following instructions to restore the files from diskette and
installing them:

cd /tmp

mkdir 414fixes

insert the diskette     into the diskette drive

tar -xvf /dev/fd0

once the two filles restored

smitty install_selectable_all

put . (period) in the INPUT device / directory for software filed

press F4 for SOFTWARE to install

select them with F7  and press enter with default settings:

  PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur)    no
  COMMIT software updates?                            no
  SAVE replaced files?                                yes
  ALTERNATE save directory                           []
  AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software?           yes
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes
  OVERWRITE same or newer versions?                   no
  VERIFY install and check file sizes?                no
  DETAILED output?                                    no
after installing the above --
rmdev -dl ent0
cfgmgr -v
and check if the ent0 is in available state ----

Thank You for using IBM AIX Support line

Regards -Thejo

pmh\# 21wb5lk



Customer Contact


*CUSTOMER REP: John (company CIO)

 PROBLEM: Customer needs a driver for an 8-U ethernet card.

*ACTION TAKEN: TCPCOM is available.  Conference with Vivian.

*ACTION PLAN: Assign to Vivian


Customer wants the drivers for the following adapter. He says
he thinks the drivers on the cd-rom are corrupted.
 8-U   2992  High Performance 8F95 Ethernet   devices.mca.8f95.diag
            LAN Adapter AUI/10BaseT          devices.mca.8f95.rte 
.Contacted the duty manager and conferenced in an Offshift rep to
assist with providing the customer with the device drivers.
.A CE is onsite who will remove the three disk drives and install
one hdisk. He will install AIX and wants the device drivers that
we send rather than the one on the cd-rom.
.Customer, John  (CIO) , would like to be contacted via pager
if there are any issues that prevent the smooth flow of the 
above plans.

PAGER:  732-651-3435

Computer room: 732-745-8599

Customer is waiting on e-mail of the device drivers. I'm on pager
for TCPCOM if problems persist.


Barry approved emailing the base-level 4.1.4 8f95 driver.  Copied the
devices.mca.8f95.usr. fileset from a 4.1.4 CDROM and emailed
it as an attachment to

Called the customer (John) at 732-745-8599 and assisted with extracting
the file from email, saving it to a floppy, and getting it onto AIX.

  \# mkdir /tmp/8f95
  \# cd /tmp/8f95
  \# dosread 8f95.bin 8f95.bin
  \# inutoc .
  \# smitty install   ==> installed the .rte and .diag filesets
                         with "overwrite same or newer" set On

 The level of this ethernet driver installed cleanly.

  \# lsdev -Cc adapter  ==> ent0 shows Defined
  \# cfgmgr     ==> complained,
       "method error 0514-040: error initializing a device"
  \# lsdev -Cc adapter  ==> ent0 is still Defined

 Advised the customer to reboot and then call us back.


Customer xfer'd to Kevin per custreq.



 PROBLEM: Customer rebooted and still can't get ent0 out of Defined.
 Customer tried pulling the card, reinstalling the drivers, and
 reinsterting the card.. this did not help.

*ACTION TAKEN: Discussed with Robert Manning.  He will call the
 customer to work on some possible solutions.

*ACTION PLAN: Off the call; left in Vivian's queue


\# errpt |more -->
E85C5C4C        P       S       startlft        software program error
FC8523BD        P       H       ent0            adapter error

\# errpt -a |more -->
Date/Time:       Sat Aug 15th 16:48:09
Sequence Number: 92464
Machine Id:      000068817200
Node Id:         localhost
Class:           H
Type:            PERM
Resource Name:   ent0
Resource Class: Adapter
Resource Type:  LCE
Location: 00-02
Description: Adapter Error
Probable Causes
Failure Causes CSMA/CD ADAPTER
        Recommended Actions
        Perform Problem Determination Procedures
Detail Data
line: 1034 file: lcecfg.c

\# diag --> choose ent0 --> failed with SRN 803-717
- Search in AUSTEXT finds that this is a known APAR when user is running
at level using this particular adapter APAR number is IX55699

\# lppchk -v --> returns to prompt.
\# instfix -ik IX55699 --> NOT ALL FILESETS for IX55699 were found.

\# lslpp -l devices.mca.*

APAR= IX55699
* Systems with IBM High Performance Ethernet microchannel
* adapter id 8f95, running AIX 4.1 maintenance level 4.1.4 or
* lower.
* The High Performance Ethernet adapter cannot be configured
* because a change in the adapter VPD causes it not to be
* recognized.
Fix Package from IBM Corporation 

 Selected Item:
IX55699 - Change VPD keyword SM
AIX Level: AIX 4.1.4

The list below contains all of the filesets needed
for the item you selected.

A second list may also be displayed. Although
listed as requisites for your item, these filesets will
not be installed. Therefore, we recommend you do
not download filesets on the second list.

Filesets needed for selected item  Information fill  Byte size
devices.mca.8f95.diag.      README            44032
devices.mca.8f95.rte.       README            36864

Assisted him in downloading these form
and installing them in the APPLIED state.
- Rebooting the machine: --> He is fixed (device became available)
- Walking him through configuring the adapter --> testing pinging
other  --> OK.
Please library this item.


Support Line: Ethernet problems ITEM: HF8547L
Dated: August 1998 Category: N/A
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