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Problem checking STREAMS configuration using strconf


AIX is 3.2.4
When I try to use strconf I get the error: 
strconf: stdin: A system call received a parameter that is not valid.

What is the appropriate way to get the streams configuration or how do
i get this to work?

 strconf Command documentation
 Purpose: Queries stream configuration.
 Syntax:  strconf [  -t |  -m module ]


The strconf command is used to query the configuration of a stream.
When used without any flags, it prints a list of all the modules in
the stream as well as the topmost driver.  The list is printed with
one name per line, where the first name printed is the topmost module
on the stream and the last item printed is the name of the driver.

APAR ix43062 explains that in AIX 3.2..., tty and pty drivers (ie. stdin)
are not normally STREAMs based and therefore "strconf", without arguments, 
would not be helpful to the customer in this case. 

In this case, strconf needs input redirected to it. We tried
picking a sample device from the /etc/pse.conf file and ran the
command below: 
strconf \< /dev/dlpi/tr 
and the reply was: dlpi

For AIX 3.2.4 and 3.2.5: 
Unless you have a tty device driver written for and loaded into our
PSE (Portable Streams Environment), you will not have "push" supported
in the TTY's ioctl call.

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