ITEM: P2762L

CMVC: Need help getting CMVC up and running.


Desc:   Migrating from RISC 550 to 590.

        Customer installed sybase on 590, stopped database on 550, took
        database dump and loaded database dump on 590.  Installed
        CMVC on 590 and when start daemons receive error:

           0010-256 An error occurred when the CMVC Server/6000 tried to process
           function txInit.  It is possible that the network or
           CMVC server is experiencing problems.

Desc:   Customer found problem to be with the database Sybase setup.
        When customer moved from one server to another (550 to 590),
        the user id for the CMVC family got changed on the new server.
         o on the new server
        when CMVC tried to log in, CMVC received connection refused.  The 
        connection refused was from the sybase server and not from 
        the CMVC server.  Customer corrected the cmvc family name and all
        worked well.

Support Line: CMVC: Need help getting CMVC up and running. ITEM: P2762L
Dated: November 1994 Category: N/A
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