Need FC's for all my hardware


        My customer purchased several RISCs that I would like to upgrade.
        Since they are not in the system, I believe I will need to enter
        them in by hand.  Can you help get the feature codes for all my
        hardware ?

Action: Researched item.  There are two ways to proceed with system

        We could look at system components by hand (IE - commands
        like 'lsdev' and 'lscfg'), search for feature codes, and then
        attempt to reconfigure a similar system in the configurator.
        This might work, but we might not find all the feature codes for
        older/discontinued features.  We should do the following...

        He should create a topology diskette via diagnostics and
        service aids --> product topology menu selections.  This utility
        will create a diskette that can be read into the mainframe
        database that will allow one to upgrade/MES the existing

        The product topology program creates the information about the
        RS/6000s in /etc/lpp/diagnostics/data directory.  This should
        also appear on the diskette and can be viewed by the command:

        cpio -itv \< /dev/fd0

        Topology diskettes in the U.S. are mailed to:
         IBM CORPORATION                                                                
         INTERNAL ZIP 1307                                                              
         11400 BURNET RD.                                                               

        Updates to the system occur by the evening on the day of
        receipt.  These go into the MRDB database in Lexington where
        they are accessible by AAS for comparison/creation.

Support Line: Need FC's for all my hardware ITEM: AH1628L
Dated: May 1995 Category: N/A
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