ITEM: E1271L

Problems configuring T/R adapter


I have a risc system with aix 3.2. installed. I removed the token ring
adapter from the system and I reinstalled it a couple of days later
now I receive the following error message.

0821-510 error call entry point for /usr/lib/drivers/if_tr: there is a
request device or address that does not exist.

Can you tell me why I'm receiving this message and how to corrected


We've tried a numerous amount of thing without success, we found that
his root file system was at 100% so now he is going to try to increase
the space of that file system and will return the call once he has
access to the system.


Customer called back in after reducing his root filesystem to 58
percent.  We deleted the definition for his Token-Ring adapter and
then ran configuration manager.  Next we checked to make sure that he
had a tok0 and a tr0 available.  Finally, we configured his tr0
interface and everything worked properly.

Support Line: Problems configuring T/R adapter ITEM: E1271L
Dated: October 1993 Category: N/A
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