Power Backup not excluding all the data


  AIX 4.3
  RISC E20
  sysback 4.1.2 

  Doing a Power backup to a directory
  sysback -Ppf /sbfs -I123456 sbvg 2>&1 | tee /tmp/output

   I have excluded logical volume fslv00 which is /sbfs 
   sblv, sb1lv and sb2lv.

cat /usr/lpp/sysback/.exclude_list

When I do the power backup it still backs up fslv00, even though it
is in the exclude list.

The problem i s, that is the filesystem where I am doing the 
backup to, so first off the data will be totally corrputed

Because fslv00 is a filesystem, it would have been excluded if 
you put in the mount point, even though it is a POWER backup. 
I've changed mkvgback to exclude filesystems if the LV name is 
specified and only if it is a POWER backup. Please try this 
again at 4.1.3.

Support Line: Power Backup not excluding all the data ITEM: DS2912L
Dated: September 1997 Category: N/A
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