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Questions on ECA 142


I have a number of systems which have possible targets for ECA 142,
the microcode update recently released.  The command given to determine
the part number is not showing me the part numbers for the drives.  How 
can I determine if I need to perform this upgrade?


If the following conditions are met, the ECA should be applied.

1) The drive is one of the ones listed in the ECA.

        1.0 GB single-ended (SE) hard disk
        2.4 GB single-ended hard disk
        1.0 GB differential (DE) hard disk

2) It has one of the following model numbers:


3) It has one of the following values in the Device Specific (Z1)

        "Z1" = 55F4957                                                   
           or  55F5124                                                  
           or  55F6001

If all of the above conditions are met, the microcode should be

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