IBM 3116-PAGE PRINTER, change page length




ENV: AIX 3.2.5, Model 250, Lexmark 3116 page printer.

DESC: I have loaded the drivers from diskette that came with
this printer, it created a virtual printer called PCL. I cannot
figure out how to change the page length with it's colon file,
nor can can I figure out how to change it from the front control
panel, I can set the width but not the length.

ACT: lsvirprt, display the _l attribute tells him that this is
not supported, the page size must be used. Looking thru his reference
book we cannot find a escape code to change page length either.
cd /usr/lpd/pio/predef and the file is ibm3116.pcl, looked thru
this and do not find the attribute.
Checked thru the data bases and do not find any data except when 
being used as another emulation, such as 4216. They could use the
 _l attribute.
Customer is going to call Lexmark for assistance with their colon file.



ACTION:  The 4112 and 4116 are IBM Printers
On the front panel - lines per page.  PCL5 - lines per page.
Customer said the 4112 reference manual says that the printer
will give unpredicatable results when using the PCL command
to give lines per page.  It says it is obsolete and he should
use the set page.  Set page simply sets letter, etc.

To complicate things, the user is setting parameters from a
Relational database as other parallel printer. Colon file for
ibm3116.pcl. Other normal PCL commands are issued directly from
the database.  He is really not using the colon file.

Customer has found in the 3116 manual that it does not support
the PCL command to set lines per page.  He says that there is
a PJL command for FORMLINES, but this isn't working.

Acually this is not a colon file or AIX problem.  The way our 
colon file does
the calculation of lines per inch is by setting the paper size
and VMI (Vertical motion index).  Customer wanted to know what
values he should use:

The command to set the VMI for lines per inch to adjust the page
size is:
ESC&l8.0C       For 60 lines per inch
ESC&l7.27C      For 66 lines per inch
Calculate the value with 480/lpi=\#\#\# for ESC&l\#\#\#C
Also added:
ESC&l66F        for 66 text lines per inch
Customer tried this and it worked.
Bought the printer through GE capitol, so he really has no support
for the printer.

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