Can't use sysback to install from a 3590 in service mode


  AIX 4.1.4
  Tape 3590-B11

  We are able to boot fine in service mode from the 3590, but are not 
  able to restore from it. 

  Repositioning tape for reading root volume group image ...

  It just hangs here.

  It appears to be this problem.
  First you get the block size from the 4th image (./tmp/...blksz)
 /etc/methods/ucfgdevice -l $tapename
 /etc/methods/chggen -l $tapename -a block_size=$block_size
 /etc/methods/cfgsctape -l $tapename

sbdevice -qr  $instdev
 (It hangs here)

Here is where the problem exist.
The ucfgdevice puts the tape drive in a defined state, but the
cfgsctape should have put it back to a available state, which it does NOT.

I looked at the mksysb script and here is what they do.

  /etc/methods/ucfgdevice -l "$BOOTDEV"
  /etc/methods/chggen -l $BOOTDEV -a block_size=$TBLOCKSZ
 `lsdev -Cl$BOOTDEV -rConfigure` -l $BOOTDEV " >> /etc/firstboot

 I tested this out in normal mode

lsdev -Cl rmt1 -rConfigure

I then ran this command
/etc/methods/cfgAtape -l rmt1

The problem here is any device using Atape.driver will see this problem
7332, 3490 and 3590 tape drives to date.  The 7331 will not be effected since
it still uses the 8mm7gb device driver.

  This is a bug in sysback and is corrected at sysback
  If the customer can't get to that version or is in a downed state.
  Here is a work around....  (Installing is preferred)

  1.  boot to service mode from 3590 tape
  2.  choose option 4
  3.  lsdev -Cc tape
         What is your device name  rmt0, rmt1 ... rmt\#
  4.  lsdev -Cl rmt\# -r Configure
  5.  lsdev -Cl rmt1 -r Unconfigure
  6.  cd /usr/lib/methods
  7.  cp cfgAtape cfgsctape
      (use the file from step 4 output)
  8.  cp ucfgAtape ucfgdevice
       (Use the file from step 5 output)
  9.  exit
 10.  choose either option 2 or 3

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