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How to unmirror the system disk in root vg


want to unmirror the system disk in root vg


Act:    Helen has two copies of rootvg- one on hdisk0 and another
        on hdisk1.  She wants to know how to remove the copy from

        I couldn't find a fax on removing a rootvg mirror, so I
        sent her the following:


        lspv -l hdisk1

to list the logical volumes on the disk which need to be
unmirrored or removed.

If there is a secondary boot logical volume and dump space, they
can be removed.  Paging space will have to be de-activated
(smit chps) for next system restart, the system rebooted, and the
paging space then removed.

For the rest of the logical volumes, you can use smit-rmlvcopy to
remove the copy or enter commands from the command line:

        rmvlcopy hd4    1 hdisk1
        rmvlcopy hd2    1 hdisk1
        rmvlcopy hd3    1 hdisk1
        rmvlcopy hd9var 1 hdisk1
        rmvlcopy hd1    1 hdisk1

where the disk listed is the disk you want to remove the logical
volume copies from. 

And lastly, if you want to remove the disk from the root volume
group run:

        reducevg rootvg hdisk1

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Support Line: How to unmirror the system disk in root vg ITEM: T3203L
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