3151 console hangs after adding HACMP boot data

Env:    3.2.5,2 C-10's, 4 shared disks (7204-317), using a 
        2845 or 2645 Y cable as the heart beat cable and the
        terminal cable.
 Desc:   During the boot process, blank led (all have been displayed)
        he must cycle power to the ibm 3151 before display
        is sent to the terminal.
        When booting in normal mode, after all LED's are displayed
        and the LED goes blank, there is a problem with the system
        recognizing the console.  After cycling power to the
        IBM 3151 all normal boot messages that are displayed 
        to the console then show up.
        I Have the c10 and the Y cable to create to separate ports.
        S1 goes to the 3151, and S2 to the other C10. During the boot
        process everything runs fine until the AIX boot process part is
        complete then the machine hangs until we power cycle the 3151 
        on S1.  This is happening on all 4 of the C10's.
        This one C10 ran in standalone mode for awhile.
ACT: Called customer to have him check the 3151 setup with our
3151.zap fax, the display is across the building, I will fax him
the pertinent parts.

Customer called, re-configured the setup per the fax and made
sure flow-control was set and it fixed the problem.

Support Line: 3151 console hangs after adding HACMP boot data ITEM: AP1577L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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