cnsview "daemon start" --> "must be root to run this command"


Tried to run th following command:

         cnsview -c "daemon start"

and received the error:

"you must be root to run this command" 

when they are logged in as root.

ACT: "id" shows a uid=0 and gid=0.  The customer used "rlogin
\ -l root".  He can successfully run 'cnsview -c "explore"'.
He only seems to run into this problem with the "daemon start"
subcommand.  The permissions on /usr/bin/cnsview are correct
"4555 root system".

ACT: customer found the permissions on /dev/cns01 were "000 root
system".  Once he changed this to "644 root system", he no longer
received the above errors.  He then removed and readded that cns
device and it came up perfectly with correct permissions.

NEXT: closing.

Support Line: cnsview "daemon start" --> "must be root to run this command" ITEM: AM7672L
Dated: September 1995 Category: N/A
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