ITEM: M1704L

NetView - Can't Communicate With SNMPD

DESC:   I am getting a message that I can't communicate
        with the snmp daemon.  NetView was working okay,
        but now we have this problem.
    1. Check /etc/snmpd.conf for configuration  
    2. Verify that loopback was is up (netstat -i)
    3. Check /etc/hosts for loopback and name resolution
    4. Started nv6000
        ems_log agent & nameserver problems
       Ran the following commands:
            /usr/OV/bin/nv6000_smit reset_ovsuf
            /usr/OV/bin/nv6000_smit reset_log
            refresh -s snmpd (hung
            refresh -s inetd
            stopsrc -s snmpd
            startsrc -s snmpd
   5. Verify the ovw database connectivity:
            ovw -fields
            ovw -config
            ovw -verify
   6. Verify PTF level - Order latest PTF level
   7. Verify if PTF U428290 is installed - deals with snmpd  
   8. Check snmp connectivity:
            snmpwalk -c public `hostname` system     
      His sysObjectID was correct .... after Agent in the          
      results of the command.  
      Told him to either reboot or  stopsrc -s snmpd and startsrc -s 
      snmpd after applying U428290
   9. If Systems Monitor is installed, check for the order of
      invocation in /etc/rc.tcpip. Netview/6000 needs to be 
      invoked prior to Systems Monitor. For example:

      \# Start up AIX NetView/6000 daemons
      \# Start up AIX Systems Monitor/6000 subagent
      start /usr/etc/sm6000 ""

Support Line: NetView - Can't Communicate With SNMPD ITEM: M1704L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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