remote printing


ENV:    model 550, aix 325
        Lantronix terminal server

DESC:   There seems to be a problem between remback and their device.
        Rembak adds 2 spaces onto the queue name, but his device does
        not see it as white space but instead as part of the queue name.
        This causes problems when requesting the status of the queues.
        Is there anything that can be done?

1.  Listing of queue and queue device stanzas his is printing to 
                - FAX if possible
        lsque -q queuename
        device = dsan
        up = TRUE
        host = sbhat                            - remote host name (iptrace -d)
        s_statfilter = /usr/lpd/aixshort        - probably should be bsdshort
        l_statfilter = /usr/lpd/aixlong         - probably should be bsdlong
        rq = 40asc                              - queue on Lantronics

        lsquedev -q queuename -d devicename
        backend = /usr/lpd/rembak

If the customer can't type, use 'smit spooler', Manage local printer subsystem
        Local Printer Queues:
                Change / Show Characteristics of a Queue
                Choose queue
  Name of queue                                       sanjay                  
  Queuing DISCIPLINE                                  first come first serve  +
  ACTIVATE the queue?                                 yes                     +
  ACCOUNTING FILE pathname                           [FALSE]                  
  DESTINATION HOST for remote jobs                   [sbhat]                  
  Pathname of the SHORT FORM FILTER for queue        [/usr/lpd/aixshort]      +/
    status output                                                             
  Pathname of the LONG FORM FILTER for queue         [/usr/lpd/aixlong]       +/
    status output                                                             
  Name of QUEUE on remote printer                    [40asc]                  
        Local Printer Queue Devices
                Change / Show Characteristics of a Queue Device
  Name of device                                      dsan                    
  Queue to which device is attached                   sanjay                  
  BACKEND OUTPUT FILE pathname                       [FALSE]                  
  ACCESS MODE of backend output file                 [write only]             +
  BACKEND PROGRAM pathname                           [/usr/lpd/rembak]        
  Number of FORM FEEDS prior to printing             [never]                   \#
  Print HEADER pages?                                 never                   +
  Print TRAILER pages?                                never                   +
  ALIGN pages between files within jobs?              yes                     +

2.  If backend is rembak, then there is no virtual printer.
        Then we need the iptrace information.  
        Don't stop the trace untill the printing is done.
        We need a copy of 'what he did get'.  Was the size of the
        trace file = 11 bytes (That would mean no logging).  If
        greater did he let it run, did he stop the trace before
        doing the ipreport.  If it printed, data had to have gone
        to some port.

3.  If backend is not rembak?
        Is it a 3rd party code?  Customer call 3rd party.
        Is it /usr/lib/lpd/piobe?  Check the 'mo' attribute of the
                virtual printer.  This will show the program sending
                the data to the printer.  With terminal servers, this
                is often a 3rd party piece of code that actually sends
                the data over the network.
        lsvirprt -q queuename -d devicename -a mo

\# lsvirprt -q asc -d lp0 -a mo   
This is for a normal local printer:
Name    Description                                          Value
mo      Command String to Invoke Device Driver I/F Program   %Ide/pioout %v[ABC
           (end of pipeline)                                 DFINOPRS]         

For a DEC terminal server I have seen (dtsout is my program, call for
\# lsvirprt -q floyd -d lpx -a mo  

Name    Description                                          Value
mo      Command String to Invoke Device Driver I/F Program   %Ide/dtsout x mod5
           (end of pipeline)                                 90 2010           


Status files were incomplete.  Lantronics has an AIX box.  rembak
was appending two characters on

lsque -q queuename
        device = ets2d
        host = lpx1
        rq = ets2
lsquedev -q queuename -d ets2d
        backend = rembak

hostname: rs4.

iptrace -p printer -a -b -s rs4 -d lpx1 /tmp/trace.out

We ran the 'iptrace' and indeed the customer is 'RIGHT', when we do
a print with rembak, the iptrace shows.
00000000     02343061 73630a                         |.40asc.         |
No spaces, but when we do a status request we get:
00000000     03343061 73632020 0a                    |.40asc  .       |
Two spaces.
This is a problem for the Lantronics BSD type lpd. 

Answer from level 3:
 This is not a defect.  This is as according to the RFC1179 document.
According to the document       Send queue state (short) is done
as follows   03|queue|sp|list|lf

The list items are separated by spaces.  So we see 2 spaces.
This boils down to 3rd party software error.

Support Line: remote printing ITEM: AB5845L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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