ITEM: D1812L

RISC System/6000 to cisco can't ping


New RISC System/6000 communicating to a server with at least 3 hops
going to a Cisco on each side (3745 on each end). When the system is
moved from being close to the cisco it can not ping even when signed
on to the Cisco router. Same mau works fine, bridge in between does
not work.  Home office, and is going through a bridge Norfolk side  Gateway

Default gateway for server Default gateway
for remote

The ring is all NetBios traffic on the other ring. 
It is not clear that the bridge (or bridges, may be more than one)
is configured to forward ip traffic. There are no other TCP/IP
machines on this second ring that they are using. (Makes it difficult
to ping on the same ring or even beyond the bridge). TCP/IP is configured
on the RISC side correctly (there is no gated or routed protocols running
to conflict with the Cisco routing) and it works when next to the
Cisco (on the same mau). The environment "appears" to be all token

A check of the configuration of the bridges shows that IP traffic is not
being passed.  Changing the configuration of the bridges corrected the

Support Line: RISC System/6000 to cisco can't ping ITEM: D1812L
Dated: October 1993 Category: N/A
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