System unavailable error when testing Service Director

ENV:          AIX 4.1.4, 9076 SP
.PROBLEM:      Caller is getting a 'System Unavailable' when running
              the "Test Communications Path" option in the Utilities
              menu of Service Director.
.ACTION TAKEN: Caller is using an IBM 7852-010 modem.  He's tried
              dialing out from both a reporting client and a
              forwarding server, with the same results.
.              Change the modem initialization string to turn error
              control ON, responses OFF, and echo OFF.  Here are the
              relevant AT commands:
.                   E0  - turn off echo
                   E1  - turn on echo
                   Q0  - turn responses on
                   Q1  - turn responses off
                   &Q5 - turn on error control
                   &Q6 - turn off error control
                   &V  - dump the modem's current profile.
.              Had customer use the "cu" program to re-initialize the
                   \# cu -ml tty2
.              Values have changed.
                   ~.\  to exit the cu session.
.              \# smitty servdir_exec
               Test Communications Path

              The "system unavailable" error still shows up.
.              The tty configuration has been checked, 
                    data bits=8
                    stop bits=1
                    flow control=xon/xoff
.              Went back into "cu" to view the modem settings, and the
              &Q6 is back!
.              \# smitty servdir_reg
              Build/Update List of Machines for registration
               Update list
                override default configuration.
.              There is a modem configuration file defined.  We removed
              the modem configuration file name, and saved the
              machine's data, selecting NOT to override the default
              configuration data.  We saved the changes (again) and
              exited Service Director.
.              \# cu -ml tty2
.              Next, we refreshed Service Director's "callhome"
              process (the Service Director daemon) by killing the
              process (a new one should be spawned immediately).
.              Caller then ran the test communications path from
              a client machine and it is working now.  With the
              modem configuration file in the machine list, the
              modem was reconfigured by Service Director each
              time it was invoked.
.ACTION PLAN:  Close this call.

Support Line: System unavailable error when testing Service Director ITEM: DF6294L
Dated: February 1998 Category: N/A
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