Can't read a 20gig tape on a 20gig drive.

8mm 20/40 gig tape drive

Rewinding rmt0
Placing boot image on tape.
0301-161 dd failed to copy.
0301-165 bosboot failed

Customer is trying a mksysb.

Same error.

\# errpt -a | more

There is no error in the tape drive.

He is using a 170 meter tape.

\# tar -cvf /dev/rmt0 /etc/motd
An error occurred while writing to the storage media,
received a system call that is not valid.  

(this happens at block size 0 and 1024)

\# lscfg -vl rmt0

Z1 = 37ha

This is backlevel micro-code there was a problem with this level
reading a 20gig tape after you had read a 5gig tape and cleaned the
drive.  Workaround:  Hold down eject for about a minute or to to 
cause a scsi reset.


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Support Line: Can't read a 20gig tape on a 20gig drive. ITEM: JG6262L
Dated: December 1998 Category: N/A
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