print queue goes down when changing paper.

AIX 4.1.4
Model F30
serial printers

Print queues go DOWN when printers are offline.  How to get around

Change/show characteristics of the printer/plotter device and set
the printer timeout from 60 (seconds) to 1000 (about 16.66 minutes)

If this isn't long enough, you can run a program to enable down queues.

DESC: customer is running a print job to a 6400 printer.  When the
printer runs out of paper, the job stays RUNNING.  The signals on the
port monitor of the RAN show RTS DTR OFC.

ACT: I explained that this originates because the port is now flow
controlled, but is also trying to close the port because the CTS
signal went low.

She checked the serial port characteristics of the 6400 and found that
RTS was set to "ready and buffer not full".  There was another option
for RTS that reads "true - continuously assert RTS".  I had her change
it to the latter option, and send a test job that would force the
printer to run out of paper.  This did work, and she was able to
change paper and the job continued from where it left off.

Support Line: print queue goes down when changing paper. ITEM: BO8265L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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