Connection to OVW lost, EMS_LOG Agent, Event Log Size

Netview problem/netview node shows to be down and node log shows
down /icon still shows green 

Env: AIX 3.2.5, Netview V2.1, Motif 1.1.4                               
Desc: Fatal IPMap error: Connection to OVW lost                         

       X Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)  
       Major opcode of failed request:  1 (X_CreateWindow)               
       Resource id in failed request:  0x4c00003                         
       Serial number of failed request:  34                              
       Current serial number in output stream:  36 
 1. If he has installed ptf, have him to run: /usr/OV/bin/ovw -fields    
       >/dev/null 2>&1                                                      
 2. Check for Motif level lslpp -h all | grep X11rte

DESC: Gets the ems_log agent message and the daemon will not start:
 1. Reset the ovsuf file 
 2. Run /usr/OV/service/reset_ci.    
 3. compare his lrf's files.
    For Example:
       The -s option in the ovelmd.lrf file no longer needs the
       trailing 0s 
 page 104 of the User's Guide specifies how to change the event log size.                                           


Support Line: Connection to OVW lost, EMS_LOG Agent, Event Log Size ITEM: AB2777L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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