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PowerDisplay 17 monitor want to enable 'full' Aixwindows


Environment: AIX 3.2.5 New powerpc 250, with powerdisplay 17 monitor.

Description: Current display is 70% of window located in upper right
corner of the display.  How to enable 'fullscreen' display capabilities?


Action: Advised to run smitty hft and set the display size for 17
monitor size is 300mm by 225mm. If this isn't correct size check
installation guide for the monitor to obtain the correct values.

Checked the variable TERM=hft and went through SMIT hft and put
in the parameters suggested. Indicated this could be hardware related.
 Check the cables, the configuration and the graphics card jumpers. 
Needs to check the Jumpers on the GXT100. For the PowerDisplay 17 they 
should be set to 0010 or 0100.  Documented on page 2-62 of the 7011 Setup
and Operator Guide. If the jumpers are correct,  then this may be a hardware
limitation and the adapter should be replaced with the GXT150 to gain
the desired functionality.  

Checking the jumpers on the GXT100 resolved the issue. 

Support Line: PowerDisplay 17 monitor want to enable 'full' Aixwindows ITEM: L1086L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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