Elmer : netmon daemon and ismp packets overpolling routers


model 390

Netview 3.1.2 

Customer states that the netmon daemon, and ismp packets
are overpolling routers 


   Env:AIX 3.2.5 Netview 3

   Desc:The customer has a network monitor on his network (trace) and
has discovered that netmon is sending out icmp request to non existing
ip address. is a valid address and it send request to 
address ranging from 20-29 and 200-253 which are not valid. The customer
has about 325 routers and this only happen on 4. It checks each address
3 times before it time out. The customer has a copy of the trace that
actually displays this information.

   Action:the customer is going to fax me some information. After viewing
the trace, we are creating a pmr.

   Next Action:
   Test Case:

Support Line: Elmer : netmon daemon and ismp packets overpolling routers ITEM: BH5261L
Dated: December 1996 Category: N/A
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