ITEM: V7465L

How to limit the number of simultaneous user logins.

NOTE:   The following code is sample only and is provided AS-IS.
        The incorporation of the following code into a user's
        system and maintenance of this code is the responsibility 
        of the user.  IBM does not provide technical support nor 
        provide maintenance for the following code.

        Simultaneous user logins can be limited as follows:

        1. Write the following script called: /usr/bin/loglimit

        logsessions=`who | grep $1 | awk '{print $1}' | wc -l`
        if [ $logsessions -lt 1 ]
           exit 0
           echo "permission denied: 
           echo "you are permitted $logsessions login sessions"
           exit 1

        Make sure the script is owned by root.
        Also run: 'chmod 744 /usr/bin/loglimit'.

        2. Edit /etc/security/login.cfg as follows:

         vi /etc/security/login.cfg

        you should have two lines:

        * auth_method:
        *     program =

        you will need to change it to look as follows:

                program = /usr/bin/loglimit

        3. Edit /etc/security/user:

                admin = false
                login = true
                su = true
                daemon = true
                rlogin = true
                sugroups = ALL
                ttys = ALL
                auth1 = SYSTEM
                auth2 = NONE
                tpath = nosak
                umask = 022
                expires = 0

                admin = true

                admin = false

        Above is an example of what the file currently 
        looks like.  You will need to change the auth1 
        line.  This can be done in under default or
        for individual users.

                auth1 = SYSTEM, auth_method

        This will effect everyone on the system.
        If you want to do this, you could edit the script so that 
        it is checking for certain users that you do not want 
        to be effected.

                auth1 = SYSTEM, auth_method

                auth1 = SYSTEM, auth_method


        This will cause user1 and user2 to be restricted, 
        but not user3.

Support Line: How to limit the number of simultaneous user logins. ITEM: V7465L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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